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Market Value Analysis

This is a type of appraisal used to inform an aircraft owner, buyer or seller of the current fair market value of a certain aircraft.  This process is more accurate than a Book Value since the "actual condition" of the aircraft will be considered.   It has a substantially lower cost than a Certified Appraisal because the appraiser does not visit the aircraft.  

All information about the aircraft is provided by the client and it is the client's responsibility to verify the accuracy of the data.  American Aircraft Appraisals will provide a form for gathering the required data and instructions on how to "assess the condition of major components".  Market Analysis have limited usefulness and cannot be used for obtaining financing or for tax and legal disputes.  They are however an inexpensive way to develop a fair estimate of actual market value for the condition of the aircraft.

When received, the data will be checked for accuracy and completeness.  The data will then be processed using the same NAAA software and databases that are used for a Certified Appraisal.  The Market Analysis report is similar to a Certified Appraisal with the exception that since the data have been provided by the client, and the appraiser has not visited the aircraft, the report cannot be certified!

If you have any question about whether you should be getting a Market Analysis or Certified appraisal, please contact us.  We will be happy to discuss your particular needs and recommend the appropriate service.


Please select your appraisal type.  You will be taken to the secure server for all other information concerning your order.  No charges will be made until your appraisal is complete!

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